When might the bubble vulcano errupt?

The bubble vulcano is the only spectacular and harmless vulcano – we wait for his erruption! As soon as this happens, Gallery Digital Frame and Ingrid Käser are inviting you for a truly unique tour, which will take you closest possible to the only and still active bubble vulcano on Iceland, including the exclusive perception of all the drawings, connected to Iceland’s culture and history, by the artist Ingrid Käser (*1976, Switzerland).
The tour includes
– Comfort and safety
– An extraordinary digital frame for the high resolution scans of the original drawings
– Xtra cushiness
– Guaranteed bubble sighting
– Natural hot pots for your feet
– Use of towel
– A guide on every tour, skilled and friendly
– Refreshments in case you have to wait until it’s your tour
You bring
– thoroughly washed feet
Meals and drinks, but please bring something you like to share with the other participants to add your colour to this stunning experience!